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What Is Astrology?


"We Indians, do not say 'Astrology'. We Indians, say 'JYOTISHI', 'JYOT' - light & 'ISH' - God. Therfore 'Light of God'. Asrtology is a MIRROR to life. It is also a Guide Line. It is certainly Not 100% correct. No Dicipline is. But it helps within limits, just as psychology, economics, psychiatry does. Nothing is absolutely final and completely certain. But the chances of predictions coming right are good [70%] Also, character analysis of Astrology often helps. Astrology is Not a CRUTCH. It is to be used to Heal One's Self

The study of astrology encompasses the analysis of all celestial bodies in our galaxy – the sun, moon, planets, and stars – based on their movements and positioning (usually relative to each other), and their influence on our lives. While these astral entities may not seem like part of our domain, indeed they are, as all things in the Universe are connected. And somehow, since the dawn of time, mankind has intuitively known that. The cosmos have filled us with curiosity and awe. Through the principles of astrology, we continue to watch the nighttime sky for answers, guidance, and timeless wisdom.

Is Astrology a Science?

Astrology is not considered a science, but rather a metaphysical discipline. Many of its laws are based on energetic stimulus, similar to the studies of yoga, feng shui, numerology, crystal healing, and acupuncture.

How Does Astrology Determine my Horoscope?

The varied constellations and configurations we see shining across the black expanse are used in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly divinations. Based on your birth chart (which reveals how the sun, moon, stars, and other planets aligned on the date and time of your birth), each day of your existence is further shaped by the current celestial patterns in our sky.

How Does Astrology Influence my Personality?

Has anyone ever asked you “What’s your sign?” The answer to this question would be your sun sign, which is your dominant house of the zodiac. And your inquisitor is asking because he or she knows it will provide immediate insight into your personality. Astrology / horoscope is viewed by different different methods.

Each house of the zodiac arises from the location of our sun as it transits through the twelve astrological constellations throughout the year. If you were born while the sun shone on Taurus, then your dominant sign is Taurus. You also have a moon and a rising sign, while others among the twelve play a part in your full birth chart – determining various aspects of your personality.

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                             Shree Ganeshaya Namah


                             Astrological Gold (First published in Hind                                                                        Pocket Books)


                             Bejan Daruwalla


Planets                                           Senses


Mercury                                         Vision


Venus                                             Touch


Jupiter                                            Smell


Saturn                                            Hearing


Mars                                               Taste




If you have a great sense of smell it means your Jupiter is powerful. In the same way if you have a great sense of touch it implies that your Venus is vibrating. This will help you to know yourself a little better. That’s what astrology is all about.


Sun:          Life, hope, honour, fame, status.


Saturn:     Responsibility, duty, form, integrity, spirituality, tradition, death.


Jupiter:    Growth, riches, expansion, weight, religion, good cheer and joy, exuberance.


Mars:       Action, courage, war, sports, desire, sex.


Venus:     All the arts, entertainment, love, pleasure, harmony, beauty.


Moon:      Reproduction, domestic and family affairs, imagination, moods, feelings, surroundings, water.


Uranus:   Technology, inventions, intuitions, change, science, the new order of the world.


Neptune: Dreams, prophetic visions, extra – sensory perception (ESP), marine life, occult influences and matters, drugs.


Pluto:       Power, death and regeneration, violence, blood – shed, transformation, hidden things, dictatorship, terror, tyranny.


Chiron:    Bonding together, healing, helping, setting free, curing, saving, the key to making people free.




                             FENG SHUI Tips


  • Your Ganesha devotee firmly believes that natural or artificial waterfalls bring good luck. Flowing energy is happy energy. * Clutter can be the mark of a genius or a hopelessly disorganised person. Therefore, as a rule it is better to be tidy. In any case, it creates a good impression. * The incense, “Dhoop”, “Loban” with the vessel carrying small red coals all over the house. * Making rangolis and Parsee designs of lucky colours outside the door and threshold. * Putting the symbol of Ganesha, Swastika, OM, Asho Farohar, the laughing Buddha. * Never keep chipped or even slightly cracked or broken idols, glasses, cups, saucers, vases, even though theses might be a very beautiful or old. Old is not always gold.



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